Holt Flower Club

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Beginners April 2014.


2020 Competitions


We have three classes - Novice, Intermediate and Advanced


Competition work encourages the artistic and creative use of natural plant material in its many forms. It promotes a spirit of fair and friendly competition as well as being something fun to do.


Please bring your entries in by 7pm. They will be judged by the demonstrator on the night. Each entry will be scored on its own merit with points allocated up to a maximun of 10.



  Competition Titles including the maximum space allowed for each Exhibit

(width and depth, height optional unless otherwsie stated)


March         -  Serenity (using no more than 6 blooms (42cm) (Foam free)


April           -  Spring has sprung (42cm)


May             -  Rhapsody in blue (42cm)


June            -  Mid Summer Night's Dream (42cm)


July            -  No competition this month as flower club workshop


August        -  Seasonal Abundance (50cm) (to include edibles)


September  -  The Rough and the Smooth (Miniature not exceeding 10cm)


October       -  The Colour of Magic (42cm)


November   -  Fire and Ice (42cm)


December  -  Favourite Christmas Carol (42cm) (Exhibitor to provide own title)

2019 Competition Winners


Novice Class


Winner                                               Gill Vickery

Second prize                                     Christine Owen

Third prize                                         Cathy Stern


Intermediate Class


Winner (Betty Cuxetter Bowl)            Louise Brock

Second Prize                                     Joan Matthews

Third Prize                                         Bev Hartshorn


Advanced Class


Winner (Josie Bailey Trophy 1977)   Diane Randell

Second Prize                                     Debbie Filby

Third Prize                                         Sue Catten


The Peoples Choice

President's Cup                                 Louise Brock


comps 4 comps 1 comps 2 comps 3 Peoples choice winner comps 5 comps 6 comps 7